DMC – Transcript Translation

In Peshawar, DMC translation services play a crucial role in facilitating individuals' educational and professional pursuits. DMC, or Detailed Marks Certificate, is a vital document that provides a comprehensive record of an individual's academic performance, including grades, subjects studied, and examination results.

DMC translation services in Peshawar cater to the diverse needs of students, professionals, and institutions requiring translation of academic transcripts for various purposes, such as admission to educational institutions abroad, employment opportunities, or immigration processes. These services ensure accurate and certified translations of DMCs from Urdu or regional languages to English or other languages, adhering to international standards and requirements.

Professional translation agencies in Peshawar employ qualified linguists and subject matter experts proficient in both source and target languages, ensuring the accuracy, clarity, and authenticity of DMC translations. Additionally, these services often offer certification and notarization of translated documents to attest to their validity and reliability

Here are the primary types of DMCs and transcripts commonly translated in Pakistan:

  1. Matriculation Certificate: This document is issued upon the completion of secondary education (grade 10) and typically includes detailed marks obtained in various subjects along with the overall grade.
  2. Intermediate Certificate: Issued upon the completion of higher secondary education (grade 12), this certificate includes detailed marks obtained in intermediate exams, often categorized by subjects and grades.
  3. Bachelor's Degree DMC: This DMC is issued upon the completion of an undergraduate degree program (e.g., BA, BSc, BBA). It provides a comprehensive record of academic performance, including marks obtained in individual courses or subjects.
  4. Master's Degree Transcript: Issued after completing a postgraduate degree (e.g., MA, MSc, MBA), this transcript contains detailed marks obtained in each course or subject during the master's program.
  5. Professional DMCs/Transcripts: Certain professional qualifications, such as diplomas or certifications, may also have associated DMCs or transcripts. These documents validate the completion of specialized training or professional development programs.
  6. Transcripts for Foreign Qualifications: Transcripts may also be issued for qualifications obtained from foreign educational institutions. These transcripts provide an official record of academic achievements and are often required for academic or professional purposes within Pakistan

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